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At- home insemination with donor- what am I doing wrong?

Hi ladies, best wishes to everyone and lots of baby dust!

So, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the whole endeavor of at home insemination. My DH( 35) and I (32) had a failed vasec-reversal and BIL reached out to be our donor. We opted to do at home insemination procedures due to IVF and IUI being well out of our range of a viable solution.

First cycle: I used the clear blue OPK and got a positive in October- we were only able to acquire a sample on that day, used the syringe method and waited, but a huge BFN for that month. I had read somewhere to wait 10-15 minutes to let the sample sit and liquify. A part of me wonders if that was bad advice and I killed the sample by letting it sit.

Second Cycle: I tried not to stress and didn;t use the OPK and tried the calendar method, did the samples 3 times in my fertile week and a BFN. I let it sit out like the first time, but for a shorter amount of time.

Third cycle: This month I tried the instead cups, opk's and preseed. The sample was done on both days after a positive opk reading: AF is due the 20th and so far nothing regarding AF signs, however I don't have any pre-pregnancy symptoms either aside from tender breasts, gassiness and a slightly keener sense of smell. When it came to using the soft cup I put it in right away with the sample in it. Fingers crossed this time is the charm!

Am I doing something wrong? any tips and success stories will help!!

thank you!

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Hey! Hopefully this will be your month! Using opk, and instead cup is a great advice, so dont feel like you are out yet!
On the month that I got my first bfp ever(it ended, but it was a good sign meaning we were able to somewhat concieve) I had no symptoms at all, and I usually get tons before AF which ends up as a huge BFN!
When is your AF due?

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