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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Cramping after insemination

My wife and I did at home insemination yesterday 1/9/18. An about 5 minutes after we did insemination I started to cramp. I have been cramping off and on after and the next morning I woke up about 4:30AM and felt like I was going to heave. I have been cramping all day today. Iím not sure if this is normal to be cramping like this. Even my lower back hurts. We didnít go past my cervix when inseminating and the size of the syringe shouldnít make a difference. This is my first time ttc with a shipping donor. When I did natural insemination 3 years ago I never cramped like this. Any ideas if this is normal? Should I go see a doctor?

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yes absolutely...mild cramping is to be expected but if it's anything more severe you should see a doctor. You could potentially have an infection. Let me know how you made out. Hope all is okay.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I had unbearable pain immediately after my first IUI. It felt very similar to the cramping I experienced after the HSG test. I cried on the table after the IUI as I was not expecting the level of cramping. I could barely walk out of the office. However, about 5 hours later I had only mild cramping. The second IUI I had was very mild cramping and my RE had no idea why I had such a bad experience with the first one. She said it is possible my cervix was sensitive, or the syringe bumped the cervix wall and irritated it. Seems like she was just brainstorming.

Going for number 3 in two weeks so I am hoping it is the charm (and not painful). I hope you feel better soon.

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