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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Stork OTC

Along with old fashioned intercourse, we tried the Stork OTC. It was actually pretty easy, but we didnít use the condom-type thing or have intercourse. Instead, DH did his thing into the cervical cap. Then we inserted it, and I had zero problems. Being nervous, we read the instructions soooooo many times, but you have to follow them EXACTLY. I kept the cervical cap in there for 6 hours, as itís designed to get the sperm closer to the cervix. Felt like a tampon. I had read reviews that said the string to pull it out broke, so I was terrified that would happen to me. It didnít though. It was so easy.

For a couple who has sperm and performance issues (sometimes DH canít finish or it takes an hour) this is a wonderful product. $60 is a little expensive, but itís a lot cheaper than an IUI.

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