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Natural pregnancy during IVF treatment

Hi everyone. I seemed to read stories about miracle pregnancies all the time but I always thought it was just something that happened to other people, like winning the lottery.

I was wrong. It can happen to any of us.

My husband and I conceived our son (now 11 months old) via our first round of ICSI, after learning that my husbandís high percentage of antisperm antibodies and my high number of natural killer cells meant it was very unlikely we would conceive naturally. Prior to the IVF, we tried naturally for 12 months (with one fluke conception that I was assured would not happen again and which ended in the heartbreak of an early loss) and then did 6 months on clomid. We were overjoyed when ICSI worked first time, but we had no frozen embryos at the end and desperately wanted another baby. I turned 40 a couple of months after giving birth, so time was not on our side.

We decided to go ahead with another fresh cycle while I was still on maternity leave. I was still breastfeeding but I was told this was fine, as my period had returned at 6 months postpartum and the drugs were safe.

I started down regulating at the start of January 2018 and was waiting for a withdrawal bleed so I could have my baseline scan and start stimming. The bleed never came. I did a pregnancy test and was amazed to find I am pregnant.

Looking at the dates, it seems this was the first normal length cycle Iíve had since getting my period back. Previously they had been 35ish days and I was either not ovulating or ovulating late. It looks like I ovulated around cycle day 14.

Iím still in shock. Iíve had bloods done and my hcg is sky high (3085 at around 20dpo) and I had 3+ on a digi test. My clinic has told me they will give me 2 free pregnancy scans and the first one will be in about 10 days, when Iím 7 weeks.

I wanted to put this story here somewhere to give people hope. It does happen and it happens to normal, unsuspecting people. People who have given up hope of natural conception.

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What wonderful news!!!
Best of luck with your pregnancy oxox

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