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IVF testing and implantation question: please so advice/hope!!

Hi all! Today I am 9dp3dt of 2 8 cell embryos. I’ve been testing my trigger out and it’s offocially gone. Catch is: I was testing with a bad batch of wondfo so no idea really when it left (I’ve been getting very faint lines all week.... and finally I researched my particular batch and they’ve been known to do this.) Anyway, on Monday and Tuesday of this week ( 6 and 7 days post transfer) I had horrible AF type pains. I NEVER get this, even when on copious amount of progesterone. Only other time I’ve felt that was when I’d conceived my son, and that was a surprise ( oh the irony!)

Needless to say, Those cramps really got my hopes up and I was pretty much convinced I’d conceived. Well, today still no true BFP ( 2-3 days later.) If they were implantation cramps ( and I honestly can’t figure out what else they could have been... they were killer!) when would I expect a positive Home test? My beta is on Saturday at 11dp3dt. Do I still have a chance in the next two days to get a positive at home???

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