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ART in greece, i did it. worth it! best doc

ladies, i have to share.

if you need ART to help conceive, esp IVF or egg donation, take a trip to greece.
i did it (by accident, long story). i did not intend to.
but i ended up in athens and used the services of the sperm bank there and the most amazing doc who has become a real friend.
he helped me in ways i could have only dreamed of.

my twins are just over 2.

he is VERY busy with international clients from all over the world but if you use my name (message me for my personal details) he will help get you in.

it's a little-known secret that you could have a greek vacation and pay for ART and STILL cost LESS than in USA or most parts of europe.

so that is why i want to share, it's just so special

the doc is nikos kanakas and his center is called "embryoland"
so easy to find online.

i am happy to answer questions here from my direct experience too.

blessings on conceptions!

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