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Devastated about diagnosis - vent

After 12 years of ttc, 8 failed rounds of oral meds, 3 failed IUIs, one CP, we finally decided to start IVF. I was able to sneak in to the May group and started my bcp right away while I completed my annual physical and trial transfer. The trial transfer went great, but after my annual physical labs I found out my TSH is 7.09; free T3 and T4 wasn't drawn. I am completed devastated that now this cycle will likely be canceled until I am within normal range. I know in 2015 my TSH was normal and after research I am highly suspicious of it starting after my COH cycles, particularly the one I got OHSS. I know it can take a month or more to find the right dosage of Levothyroxine/Synthroid and my office only does transfers every other month which means I would be pushed to July or September. Since my family practice doc is the one that did my labs, I updated my RE's office but no one has been able to call me back yet. It's absolutely killing me inside that I am stuck waiting to see what I need to do and if there's the slightest chance I can get my level within range in time to keep my May dates (retrieval is the 16th and transfer is the 21st). I know it's important to have the TSH in range because of miscarriage and I don't want to risk a failed cycle, I'm just so frustrated with my whole journey. Something always seems to go wrong where I cancel cycles: OHSS, cysts, CP which delayed my next cycle, now this. I know it's a long shot, but I am trying to have hope that maybe we can at least do retrieval and a FET later.
Thank you for listening to my vent. Any advise? Similar situations?

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