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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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4DPInHomeIUI, anyone want to wait with me?

So my hubby is a retired doctor and I learned about in home IUI's a number of months back. Fast forward to this month, we managed to time the in home IUI to exactly when I was ovulating (tested and felt, I cramp moderately every time I ovulate).

I am essentially unexplained infertility with Endometriosis and hubby and I have been actively trying for 6 years or so now. I decided it was time to try something different, so in home IUI it was.

My insurance will not cover any fertility related treatments, tests (even a sonogram of my uterus because they said it was because of the Endometriosis diagnosis and therefore it was fertility related, stupid I know!). So I've been working on raising my Progesterone levels naturally with Vitamins B6, C and E. Hubby is also on Vitamin C to help raise his swimmer count.

I've lost every pregnancy either due to miscarriage or chemical loss that I've had so far, so many I've lost count. So hence why I've been trying to raise my Progesterone levels naturally since we can't afford the hefty costs of paying out of pocket.

We did a true in home IUI, due to my business ownership status and licensing, with a properly done in home sperm wash (the company that I purchased the sperm wash medium only sells to offices or businesses. I was able to purchase my own centrifuge to do it myself very easily, along with the tools needed to do the wash and the IUI itself.

We did our in home IUI on the 4th, so now I'm 4DPIUI.

I actually had no side effects, hubby did an excellent job and had no pain whatsoever nor cramping etc. He's been monitoring me at home closely and so far so good.

Mainly I've been extremely tired, more so than my usual, and extremely hungry for the last two days. Not much to go on so soon but still.

Anyone else want to wait with me who's on a similar post IUI day?

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