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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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IUI for Unexplained Secondary Infertility?

What are stats on getting pregnant with IUI using gonal-F injections for those who fall into the unexplained category?
Little background on me. I just turned 34 and have been trying for baby #4 since July of last year.
In the past I have been pregnant 4 times. 3 resulted in my dd's and 1 was an early miscarriage. Of those 4 pregnancies 3 were conceived in 1 cycle and my youngest dd took 2 cycles. I have had my hormones checked, had an HSG, and a saline ultrasound and all came back normal and no reason as to why I am not getting pregnant.
My DH's semen analysis came back normal. I cant remember all the stats on it, but I do remember the RE saying his sperm count was 400 million.
I wonder if it's worth it to try an IUI? If his sperm count is high and morphology etc are all normal then how does it even help?

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