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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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8DP5DT negative OPK- help!!

Iím currently 8dp5dt and going crazy. I was convinced we have been successful again (my 2 year old son was the result of our first fresh cycle). Since 4dpt, Iíve been floored with exhaustion and felt dizzy. This was how I felt with my son. Yesterday at 7dp5dt, I had a crazy moment and decided to test using an OPK (if you read online it can be used to pick u HCG) I was convinced that the test would be positive and then Iíd take a Hpt today. The OPK was completely negative, no second line whatsoever. I feel devastated and now Iím terrified to take the HPT. Does anyon have any experience with OPKs picking up HCG. If Iím not pregnant, the progesterone suppositories are evil with how different I am feeling.

Thanks xxx

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I really don't think that's a reliable way to see if you're pregnant so don't be too disheartened! I didn't get a blazing OPK until I was about 6wks pregnant, by which point I definitely knew I was pregnant anyway! lol
Have you got any hpt's? I'd definitely wait a day or two and try a FRER, don't count yourself out just yet!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Well I took a home test on day 8 after ET. (Fresh cycle ivf with donor egg). To my amazement it was positive - a faint line, getting darker the following days. But this is not that common for most ladies. So that it's advised to take test after 2ww. I'm hoping for you and have my fingers crossed. Sending you all positive vibes.

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