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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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2WW First Round of Clomid

Hey Iím new here and looking for some advice and experiences!

I have 2 children already and TTC #3, after my second being born I went on the depo, I was on that for nearly 2 years, had my last shot of depo in august 2017 and been TTC ever since it ran out in November. Iíve only had 1 period since coming off it so not a regular cycle! This month I took Clomid 50mg for 5 days to induce ovulation, I took it without a period and ovulated 5 days after my last pill. I got a positive OPK on Monday (28th May) I had really bad abdominal cramps last night, and really gloopy thick jelly like CM yesterday and some the day before. Is all this normal? Iím really hoping it works and I get my BFP! I would love to hear some stories from ladies who took Clomid! Especially ladies who taken it without a period first. This 2WW is killing me already and Iím only 2DPO!!!


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That sounds normal to me! I didn't take it without a period first, but I did a few rounds and I had ALL SORTS of weird symptoms.

The 2WW is the worst part, of course, and the Clomid made me feel like a crazy person on top of it. I remember feeling emotionally completely out of control. Hopefully your kids can be a distraction?

Good luck! Keep us posted!

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