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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Do I still have a chance this cycle?

I had blood work and found out on cd25 my progesterone was at 5. This is all so confusing for me as I have no idea how long my cycle is (I donít have periods at all without provera!). Do I still have a chance this cycle? Today is cd28 and Iíll be testing when I wake up this afternoon (I work 3rd shift) but want to be prepared

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Hello! I’m sure you’ve already tested, but I think progesterone has to be higher than that to maintain a pregnancy. I think it has to be at 15 or 30? I can’t remember exactly. Either way, I certainly hope that I’m wrong! My progesterone is always at 0.5, and I never ovulation or get a period on my own either. Finger crossed for you!!! I am currently taking Femara and Gonal-f together in the hopes of developing some good follicles after Clomid and Femara alone failed to make any type of response, so I understand the struggle. Best of luck!

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