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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Low amh, 4 eggs, 3 fertilized

Hi! I was wondering if anybody has a similar experience, i have a very low amh (0.18) and im on mini ivf since the ivf cycles didnt work
1st IVF no eggs retrived
2nd one egg retrive and on that same cycle we did a second retrival and got one mature but none of them made it to day 3
3rd cycle MINI IVF 2 eggs retrived 1 made it to blast but after the biopsy it came abnormal.

So here i am in my 4th cycle of MINI IVF, got 4 eggs, 3 mature and fertilized, the lab guy said one of them doesn’t look that good, so i think i’m puting all my hopes in thise 2, it just feel the never ending story,... IF they make it to day 5 blast then they’ll have to pass the biopsy, and the last one was grade A but abnormal 😭

Looking for some hope!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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OMG, honey. Oh god love you poor thing. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I would love to know what are the things with your remaining blast? It's really difficult to be successful at treatments when it comes to low amh & eggs quality. I'm sorry for that. We passed several rounds wih oe but failed. Finally were advised to turn to donor egg & soon got positive with that. Here's my story. Me-42 yrs old. Started ttc in June 2012. dx: endo and pcos. Tried 1 round clomid - bfn. Another fresh ivf with 5day 2 embies ended in early miscarriage. Was hoping so much my beans would make home inside me..still no. We took a long break to recover emotionally. 2015 biopsy results diagnosed severe endo. Later adding pcos. Dh's results came in healthy. We tried another fresh ivf with oe and got failure. Finally applied for donor egg abroad and got success from the very first shot. I remember I took a home cheapie on day 8 after ET and saw the faint line. Couldn't believe my eyes! We'd been waiting for the miracle for so long it was hard to believe shot#1 de ivf just worked out. Currently we're going the same route with the same clinic for a sibling for our boy. Using own eggs are always the priority. But sometimes it happens we have to look on other options. When undergong ivfs with oe we asked our dr when it's time of giving up treatments he told us - never until you're healthy enough and have those money sums. Honestly I think he didn't mean to say that this way. It just happend so. The thing was that he was right- we knew we could not afford more cycles, probably just one so decided to turn to donor eggs abroad. I'm not saying this is going to be your path. I hope you have your beautiful blast and soon will place him back & I'm praying he'll make himself comfortable inside you. Just wanted to share thing with you telling you aren't alone. Wishing you all the best & sending you my warm supportive virtual hugs x

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I don't have any advice but I just wanted to send you the biggest hug I possibly could. I know this journey is incredibly stressful and filled with so much angst and pain. I'm praying for your embies, that the remaining ones are healthy enough to transfer and make it. Please keep us updated on their progress.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Please consider taking DHEA. Took my egg retrieval from 8 to 17! 25 mg micronized DHEA 3 times a day

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I had very low AMH and only got 3 eggs. One of them is in daycare. Don't give up hope!

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