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First Timer IVF

Hi Ladies,

We have our first appointment with a fertility nurse to discuss our treatment plan.
We have been trying for our second since 2015. Low egg count for me and hormone issues, failed clomid, failed letrozole. We are on last go of letrozole whilst waiting for this cycle to stop and then start the next step.
We have now been put to IVF.

Looking for any advice, insight on what to expect going forward. Feeling a little overwhelmed


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Hello, Hockeywife! I'm sorry you've found yourself here. Welcome! Ladies here are amazing and have always been the hell of support for me. Surely you're in the right place. ivf path is never easy though it's definitely worth going through. Here's some of my background. Me-42 yrs old. Started ttc in June 2012. dx: endo&PCOS. Tried 1 round clomid - BFN. Another fresh ivf with 5day 2 embies - early miscarriage Was hoping so much my beans would make home inside me..still no. I was devastated feeling angry and powerless and that nothing what we could rule on..Such a tough feeling. We decided we needed break for emotional recovering. For both dh and me I should say. He's always been the rock of support for me, so it was hard for him to see me crying & hopeless. Though silly things we continued trying naturally. 2015 biopsy results diagnosed endo (severe). Later adding PCOS. Dh's results came in healthy. We tried another fresh ivf with oe and got failure. Finally applied for donor egg abroad and got success from the very first shot. I remember I took a home cheapie on day 8 after ET and saw the faint line. Couldn't believe my eyes! We'd been waiting for the miracle for so long it was hard to believe shot#1 de ivf just worked out. Currently we're going the same route with the same clinic for a sibling for our boy. Our stories differ. But we both have our babies and want more. Though we have to struggle for them. I want to wish you the best of luck in the world. May our coming cycles bring us our sweet bundles of joy. Hoping for better always

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Good luck, hockey! I, too, am sorry that you've had to come this far but I also agree, it's definitely worth it. I think once you succumb to the fact that you're doing IVF, it feels a little freer knowing that you're in the hands of science now. Especially after so many years of trying to 'figure it out' yourselves and not getting anywhere. That's how I felt anyway - kind of like a soldier just mustering on. You've GOT this!! Just remember, though - our bodies are still a HUGE mystery to even the best doctors so if one cycle doesn't work out, that doesn't mean it won't in the next one. Try to keep a level head b/c it's still a brain-taxing thing, of course. All of TTC is!!

my own story - I'm 42, we tried for 2 yrs by ourselves, 2 yrs of IVF with varying degrees of success (any BFP ended in mc, though) and my AMH was so low that it wasn't worth going with my own eggs anymore. We adopted 6 frozen DEs, 5 of which fertilized, and I was not successful (again!!) on the first attempt (ended in mc again). I went through 2 ERAs to check my receptability and I was fine. 2nd try was BFP but ended in mc. But our 3rd try (and second to last try ever), transferring 2 embies, was a SUCCESS!! FOR BOTH! We now have two gorgeous, healthy, happy baby boys and are just on cloud 9.

Best of luck to you and I hope you find success MUCH quicker than I did!

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