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seeking advice useless follicles and low estrogen

I've got PCOS and on metaformin. i've been doing natural tracking (blood tests and ultrasounds). My estrogen doesn't get high enough, and my follicles only got to like 13 or 15 millimeters before collapsing. previously my follicles were too big and about 28 millimeters.

my fertitly dr is fairly useless and keeps pushing natural. but how it seems like the egg doesn't even have a chance between of my hormones and follicles.

any experience or advice for how i can make my estrogen and follicles better?

would i have this same issue with ivf and iui?

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That is ridiculous that your doctor won't try medications if you're willing. I would seek a second opinion. I have PCOS and even though I ovulate on my own sometimes (it's just inconsistent), my dr. put me on clomid right away. I can't imagine why your dr wouldn't try if you're not ovulating at all (unless, of course, it's your choice to exhaust natural remedies).

If a second opinion isn't an option, I would look into Vitex. I've hear wonderful things about it regulating your ovulation. But talk to your doctor before trying it of course . Good luck!

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