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Loss and cycle changes

I have beem TTC for 3 yrs. I got pregnant really quick when TTC no 2 took 4 months and had a loss at 7 weeks. I noticed I went from a 11 day lp to 9 but I had just had a loss. It went up and down from 9 to 10 days never back to 11. Over time I got achey boobs hot flashes and my mood was manically depressed I actually thought I was in need of help. I had bllods done my progesterone was low. but everything else was good so not perimorsal and good egg reserve. 3 yrs on im still struggling to get my hormones right. I tried Maca which tbh got rid of the hot flashes and ,y boobs arent as sore. I tried diet and I lost some weight. I do eat really well. I did have a period of time where I just left it thinking over time it would go back to normal. I am on cycle 6 of vitex with 100mg of b6 vitamin c and I am using a small amount of natural progesterone cream (i was about 3/4 cycles ago using recommend amount but I was spotting for 6 days and having a 14 day lp but I read this cycle to use a small amount so that my estrogen slowly gets used to it rather than a large amount as it makes estrogen dominence worse) Anyway 7dpo today so I will see if it helps. Last cycle I made it to 9 days but had no spotting 1st time in months so I am hoping the cream will stretch it a little. Anyway im rambling lol I just want to know has anyone been in the same boat where its messed you up just seems like such a long time to be out of balance and if you tried anything to fix it and it worked. Just feel Im running out of options

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