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Ivf dos and don'ts??

Hi ladies

I'm on cd 8 of my first ivf cycle and I'm beginning to worry - should I have cut out caffeine? Is sushi still ok? Can I have diet drinks? Should I be exercising? Etc etc etc

Does anyone have any insights? The dr hasn't told me to do/avoid anything (yet, I'm sure they'll have some advice on resting after ER), but I was reading on the internet that some people avoid caffeine (I have 1 cup most days) even before ER so now I'm worrying....

Any thoughts gratefully received!

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hi hun i did everything suggested on the net and im not sure if i should of been so strict with myself or not, but here goes i followed this for 4mths before ivf

no alcohol
artificial sweetner
too much vitimin c
red meat
raw egg

things to have
at least a pint of milk a day
lots of dairy, cheese yogurts etc
nuts especially brazil nuts before ec and walnuts after transfer
seeds and pulses

i think if we had been able to have a second try i wouldnt be so obsessive and relaxed more about it x

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Hi Robyn,

My clinic told me not to obsess about what to do and what not to do. The only thing they said was to do what I thought felt best and avoid lifting and anything too physical like gym work towards the end of stimming.
They said sometimes that if you do focus too much on what not to eat/drink that can be more stressful than just behaving normally. Obviously I didn't booze after ET either. Protein rich stuff is supposed to be good too. I wouldn't get too hung up on it, no one can definitively say why they implant or not. Just make sure you look after yourself, that's the main thing.

Good luck, I'll be back on the horse at the end of March and although my first attempt didn't work I don't think i'd do much different.


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i didn't do much differently, i did stop drinking anything with caffeine in it, and also stopped drinking alcohol, we normally eat quite a healthy diet, so that was fine. i do think you can get too obsessed with it all

good luck

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Yeah I didn't do anything very different, I heard that pineapple can help with implantation but I eat a lot of that anyway so it wasn't much different.

I usually drink skimmed milk & I switched to semi-skimmed, but after ET I had a horrible cold & spend a week lounging about the house coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose to excess & eating crisps & biscuits & it obviously didn't hinder my chances!

I'd say just stay doing what you normally do. It's probably be more stressful to your body to nake drastic changes in diet & exercise, than sticking to what your body is used to. As long as your diet is basically healthy then that's fine.

And I'm sure diet drinks are fine, I drank them and still am!

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Thank you all - it's good to know that I shouldn't be getting too hung up on things, so I won't worry about it too much....although I did buy pineapple today (as I eat a lot of fruit but strangely not pineapple that often) and went on a search for full-fat yoghurt - which I couldn't find!

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