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When should I take my Femara for my Trigger and IUI?

I have taken Femara twice before about a year ago on CD 3-7. I wasn't doing the trigger shot or IUI then. This cycle I am having an U/S on CD 15, and if things look good they are going to give me the trigger shot, then an IUI the next day.

Well, I just picked up my Femara, and it says to take it CD 5-9. I am not sure why he changed the days I take it, and I don't know what I should do! When I take it CD 3-7 I usually ovulate on CD 17-19 on my own. I want the eggs to be big enough to trigger on CD 15, but I would like there to be more than one egg. Help!!

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Hi Blondie87...

I took fermara from cd4-8. I was suppose to get injections as well but it didn't work out this month. As such, this is cd10 for me & I've been going daily to see my FS to determine when the trigger shot will be given. FS didn't mention IUI at all yet.

Just wondering how many follicles you have? Do u know their sizes? Or are u just starting fermara now?

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