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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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advice and knowledge

when we was told in dec 2009 Simons sperm is only 1% alive and kicking and that i had to lose 4 st to get ivf we was deverstaed, ive tried everything i can to lose weight but i only seem to be losing inches, we ave talked about a sperm donor, im currently just having a read up online about it, i just wonderin if anyone here has ever thought bout it or already used a donor.
your thoughts welcome.
ive been reading and lookin up online and it seems its mostly gay couples who use this method, not many straight couples wud we be judged, would it be wrong to do it thise way? deep down we will always know this baby isnt simons. so much goin through my head!
lou x

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi Lou&simon We recently got news that DH has azoospermia (no sperm in semen) we both are devastated. I can't deal with the thought of a donor yet... until we go through everything check if its a hormonal or blockage and even if hes producing spermaid ( sperm without tail) after biopsy in tesicle theres still a chance we can have a bio child. If i were you id look into every option before you give up there is alot of options nowadays theres loads of girls going through it why don't you come over to the long term trying to concieve azoospermia thread theres a girl flakey who is pregnant with donor sperm and she might be able to answer some questions. i'll attach the link below xx

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Hey hun didint want to read and run1st off Massive hugs.We also have a male factor alwell as me with PCOS.Try to stay a little calm.I hate when docs do things like this and panic us grrrrrrrr.There are some things like vits and stuff your OH can try im sure.Dis they tell you why its this low??Was it based on 1 sample or a few he did???xoxox

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