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Chances of Twins with Single Embie Transfer?

Hi ladies,
i just wondered if anyone knew any facts or figures, or even if there is any greater chance? Or is it just the same odds as 'normal' conception? Twins run in both mine and DH sides of the family, and I would love twins, but we are only having one embie transfer due to being young and healthy and our clinic want to avoid complications with multiple births.. But i'm just curious to know whether we have a greater chance of the embie splitting in comparison to a normal conception? And I can't seem to find any answers on google lol!!

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fraternal (non identical) twins can be carried through family history through hyper-ovulation ie releasing more than 1 egg. So your family history of twins is relevant, your DH's isn't.

Identical twins is not though to be inherited it is random. It is brought about by one egg being released but then splitting.

Most twins are fraternal, odds of identical is small.

By having single embryo transfer you are elminating the chance of fraternal twins completely.
You do still have a chance of identical twins, but with IVF the same chance as having identical twins with a natural ovulation.
With ICSI I believe there is a tiny increase in the odds, but really tiny.

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my FS said the rate for identical twins in society is about 1% and with IVF doubles to very rare.

as Nell above said so well, most people that have twins running in the family is from fraternal (non identical) twins from more than 1 egg being ovulated per month. identical twins are random and rare.

so if you would love twins you would have to transfer 2 embryos for about a 20-30% chance. I am the opposite wanting 1, so I am doing single embryo transfer (my clinic would allow 2 at my age but I am chosing to do 1).

good luck!

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I agree with the above posts. Identical twins are not related with your family history. They still can't explain why an embryo is split into 2. How old are you? Can't you have a talk with your clinic and see if they can transfer 2?

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