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IUI timing and single or back to back


I have ready a lot of mixed posts about how long after ovidrel they get IUI and whether they have one IUI or back to back IUIs.

For example, at RMA in NYC I had 2 failed IUI/Clomid cycles.
There policy is that you go in for your day 12 scan between 7-8:30 to check your follicles, and if you are ready they will give you the ovidrel in the office. Husband goes in early the next morning and IUI is at around 9-10 am. They only do one IUI. They claim, the husbands sperm count needs time to build back up, and it's a waste, but I hear of so many people doing it, 2 people I personally know had success.

So my new doctor does 2 IUIs. One at 36 hours after ovidrel and a second at 48 hours. My husband also has a very large sperm count.

I have read about people having the IUI's 36-48 hours after ovidrel and what I had was about 24 hours after. I know they say sperm can live in you for up to a few days, but I also heard their vitality once washed for iui is much lower maybe only 12-24 hrs.

I would love to hear BFN and BFP stories from people on the timing after IUI
and whether or not they had a single iui or back to back. I know there are so many other factors, but am just curious on these specific factors.


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I would like to know too. My clinic does 2 back to back IUI's. One 24 hours after the ovidrel and the other one 48 hours after the ovidrel. I'm not sure if this sounds right or not. I always thought it would be 12 and 36 hours later. I'm also afraid of ovulating before the IUI.

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My doc's office would only do back to back IUIs if the sperm count was low. I was both scanned and had blood tests drawn to see if I was about to ovulate, trigger shot and then 36 hours was when my appt was.
First IUI was 100mg Clomid, 10,000 trigger, 2 follies, 65 million sperm post wash. Failed
Took a break for 3 months while we got our house ready to be put up for sale and pack up a lot of the house.
Round 2 IUI. 150mg Clomid, 10,000 trigger, 4-5 follies, 35 million post wash. Success.

I have infertility due to 2 LEEPs I had so the scar tissue is too much for the lil guys, and it also removed a lot of my CM glands. I also have PCOS w/o insulin resistance, which causes my LP defect (low progesterone).

Clomid was the thing that seemed to work. Upped the dosage and I got bigger, better and more eggs. And had less sperm this time around. But everyone is different.. Good luck to you

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