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When and why do babies start sleeping more at night?


I'm curious to know when a baby can start sleeping more at night and why this can happen?.. I know not all babies are the same and some won't start sleeping more for a while, but what can happen?.. i.e. if a baby has to wake 2-3 times now to feed, why can this change?


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I'll be watching this thread. My LO is 12 weeks and feeds at 12am and 4/5am still waking up at around 8am! I've heard it's to do with them having a bigger feed/being bigger so them not getting hungry as quickly but I'm not really very sure! lol

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Ah, the golden question! hehe...

You are right- it varies per child. TBH- I've NO clue why some STTN early on and others are a bit later? Not sure of the rym or reason... I will say my LO woke every 2-3hrs the first week or so, then by week 3 she was only waking once a night and did this till 9wks when she STTN (not waking once till morning). She'll still have a regression here or there at times... as common with most babies... but she's just always been a "good sleeper" for whatever that is worth?

I don't know if we did anything "right" or if that is just how she is? She was actually the same way in my tummy- she was way more active during the day and would settle quickly at night and sleep through with me... least she never woke me up like some of my friends would say their LO's did. And if she did squirm a bit when I first layed down, I would adjust my position and she would settle in and stay calm.

The one thing I would recommend- if you haven't already... as I read this several times and figured worth a shot! Is to try to get your LO's body clock to adjust to day/night sooner than later. We kept the blinds and lights on during the day (from day one) and wouldn't keep quiet when LO was taking naps (obviously to a point)... then at night, we kept her sleep space as dark as possible (when she woke for feeds too) and were quiet and calm with her.

Not sure it helped? But it certainly didn't hurt

Curious to see what others advise...

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My lo didnt start STTN til he was 11 months lol x

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Mine sleeps from 10pm to usually around 8-9am but we co sleep and he wakes for feeding while I still sleep. But he doesnt wake up but evey 4-5 hours for feeding though. Before co-sleeping he woke up every 1-2 hours :0 that was hard!

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i posted a thread with a few questions re. sleeping and feeding habits to see if i could figure out why they do/don't. i'm still confused

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I'm going to take a guess and maybe it's because as babies get bigger, their tummies and their capacity to eat enough to last more than newborns? My LO ate every 2 hours when he was 1-2-3 wks old and that gradually increased to now, at 14wks, where he eats every 3 to 4 hours as he can eat a bit more at each time; he can now sleep through at night from 11pm feed to about 5am (but no more) no sleeping through the night for us, but six (6) hours a night is alot better at 14wks than two (2) hours when he was 3 wks old! This is, of course, not counting growth spurts when LO still wants to cluster feed....

I envy those mummies whose LOs do sleep from 7pm to 7am; my LO sleeps from 11 to 4/5am, feed, daddy tops up at 6-7am before work and then LO sleeps until 9-10, then more feeding....but he's pretty good, I think compared to wks 1-4!

best wishes

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I think all babies are different so some are just going to do what they want to do regardless of what we try. Could just be that some are better sleepers than others.

DS was a bigger baby and has always had a hearty appetite. For us, night sleep seemed to get better around 5/6 weeks. At 5 weeks he suddenly started taking 6oz. bottles every 3 hours and has since, we started a bedtime routine, and at 6 weeks we moved him to his own room (he likes to stretch, so I think he was happier with this move). We've always tried to keep the nights and days seperated as Seoj mentioned. 5-6 weeks he starting only waking once or twice a night and about 7 weeks started sleeping 8:30p-8:30a. We have always given him a top-off bottle right before bed.

We're pretty consistent with his bedtime routine and I've discovered if he's OT or goes to bed late, he tends to wake during the night. I've also heard that good day sleep helps create good night sleep.

HTH xx

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how longs a piece of string?

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