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What parenting decision have you made that others disagree with?

And that you feel NO shame about?

My daughter sleeps on her tummy. She has since she was 5 weeks old. I like sleep. Sleep on tummy means hours of sleep. Sleep on back means 10 min nap.

I feel no shame. I know it's against the "recommendations" and I don't care.

Kesslie is 3.5 months old. I let her nom on an apple slice today. I feel no shame. She enjoyed it, it helped her gums and kept her happy.

What have you done that others "disapprove" of?

And if you can't keep your judgments to yourself? Please stay out of the thread. We're all equally "bad" moms here.

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Formula fed

But he sleeps on his belly.
Started weaning at 3 months due to reflux, even though he's still mostly bottles again! LOL
He has a jumper that I'll leave him in as long as he pleases.
He has rice in his bottles...

Ermmmmm...can't think much right now. Headache.

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My son is formula fed. It worked out better after my c-section and his traumatic birth, it wasnt ideal for me, but Im okay with it.

...and if someone else gives me shit about it.. I WILL eat a face.. without the use of bath salts first.

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Old Jul 4th, 2012, 19:58 PM   4
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Actually, every parenting decision I've made has been disagreed with by someone somewhere lol But I don't care, at all. I formula feed and just started my son on solids, and he loves it. I've let him try a bunch of other food that is not baby puree. But, I do everything safely for him.

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I am starting K on solids earlier than 6 months... Had no idea some people would be so against it! Even though my doctor said it is ok to start her on cereal, some people act as though I am really doing something horrible to my baby. I also did controlled crying/ pick up put down to gt my daughter to learn how to self settle, and it worked beautifully!

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Old Jul 4th, 2012, 20:23 PM   6
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<--- extinction CIO. We had to, and I love my baby just as much as anyone else loves theirs. It was fast (7 minutes the 1st night, and about 2 weeks of crying for 5 minutes per sleep), no more desperation, no more cranky unrested baby, she self settles and plays happily in her crib if she wakes. She is happy, healthy, a good sleeper with 2 happy rested parents! Bed times and nap times are HAPPY times. I read to her, give her a bottle if one is due, read to her, cuddle her and kiss her good night. Then lay her softly in the crib and walk out of the room.

Pretty sick of being told I am a lower life form, cruel, unmotherly, and that I am ruining my baby for life. Seems to me that I am a much better mother rested, I get to plan days of outings instead of days of naps! We tried the other stuff for 9.5 months and enough was enough! Very, very happy with my choice- my only regret is not doing it sooner.

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Old Jul 4th, 2012, 20:25 PM   7
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Lets see

I feed Cassie no less then 3-4 cereal bottles a day.. yes cereal..and she has since she was 2 weeks old. My daughter has reflux and has been on meds since she was 14 days old and its the only way she doesnt scream night and day.

she's had a few water bottles too because its 90 here in florida and she was hot..yep water

i've let her nap on her tummy * gasp* lol and she likes it!

Oh and today she licked my applesauce spoon.. and no i don't feel gulty

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Old Jul 4th, 2012, 20:27 PM   8
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ha ha I love these threads!! I started lo on rice cereal at 10 weeks she has had juice and a few purées. we stopped though because it was upsetting her belly. I just started her on a sippy cup a few days ago she loves being independent. Oh and she watches happy feet on the tv pretty much half the day! she loves the singing and dancing. I don't make her do too much tummy time she screams. Call me a bad mum but still a mum!

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Old Jul 4th, 2012, 20:32 PM   9
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- I let my baby sleep in a crib inside a boppy pillow as it stops him from rolling about
- I breast and bottle fed from birth and didn't take any crap from the nurses in hospital telling me to persevere, yeah screaming hungry newborn next to me and they say that and walk away, tough. He likes bottle and breast, everyones happy
- I have given him a bottle of formula that's 3 or 4 hrs old, instead of 2 - shoot me

Makes you wonder though, women in other parts of the world bring babies up in almost horrendous conditions but they survive just fine. I think we have too much 'stuff' and 'rules' around us today that are just faff and not needed really.

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Co-sleeping and breastfeeding.

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