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Tear or sore on son's penis?

Please do not comment on this thread to chastise me for circumcizing my baby! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please respect that this isn't up for debate.
So yes, my son is circumcized.
Earlier this week at the doctor's office, I asked about the occasional buildup that appears around the head of his penis, where the skin of the shaft rolls a bit over the head. She said I should gently tug it back when cleaning him and make sure it's clean. He never seems upset or to even notice.
I was cleaning him tonight after a particularly messy poop, and noticed that where the shaft meets the head, where the skin changes, it almost looks like a small tear. It looks red and sore, but not bloody or pusing. I put some vaseline on it, and he was actually cooing and laughing while I inspected it and put the jelly on, so it doesn't seem to bother him.
Should I call the doctor in the morning, or is this something I should watch and wait on? I tried Dr. Google, but couldn't find anything. It doesn't hurt him and doesn't look infected....
His dad has been watching him a few hours while I work, and I'm afraid perhaps he was a bit rougher than he should have been. Or I could have done it by accident......but there hasn't been a time that I've cleaned his penis and he's seemed upset at all.

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Get it checked out when you can, don't wait. It could be an infection for all you know, better safe than sorry.

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you know it wouldnt hurt to call and just ask. Maybe it was just alittle irritated from the poop that you just changed before. If its not bothering him i wouldnt worry too too much but just in the morning call and ask if you should take him in or not. I have had too my son being alittle red on the head of his penis after he poops and hes not circumsized but it was gone the next morning. xx

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maybe try to head it off with neosporin, and call the doc about it in the morning. As long as he was cooing and not bothered when you were cleaning it I think it can hold off till morning.

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