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Things I wish I had done while pregnant

I'm newly pregnant for the first time and I hear other women say I wish I would have done this or read that before baby arrived when I still had free time.

What do you wish you had done/bought/read in advance?

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Hmmmmm, there are so many things to list! Seriously though, I wish that I took more time for myself. I wish that I slept in late as many times as possible, and I wish that my DH and I would have taken a trip- one last couple's getaway.

If there is a time to be selfish...this is that time!!! This is the LAST time you will ever have to be selfish...ever. So focus on and take good care of yourself. Your baby will reap the benefits of a well rested and happy Mommy.


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i know im still pregnant, but im wishing i had taken things easier and taken loads more photos.. xx

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i wish i played with my bump more and that i took more photos of my bump. i also wish i took a video of my bump after drinking milk Lisa would go nuts and move so much it made me feel sick! i also wish i cooked and frooze more meals for when i was back home.

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I wish I got pictures from my ultrasounds (I didn't because I knew I was paying for a 4D one.. but it would have still been nice to have those too!!!)

I wish I had kept a journal aside from on the internet. TBH I keep meaning to start a journal now but I keep forgetting to buy one...

I wish I had watched what I ate a little better...

I wish I had saved more money.. I have no idea what I spent my money on, lol... and now that I can enjoy it more (spoiling Elyse, going out with my friends, regular clothes, FATHERS DAY SHOPPING...) it would have been nice to have it!

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i wish i had 4d scan
i wish i had money to pay for it first,lol
i wish i didn't go home on the bus for my auntie's funeral... it's was a long journey and i bled after that,almost lost him..i was in the 1st tri and i miscarried few months earlier

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I wish I'd taken more pictures of myself and my bump. And slept in more...
I loved my pregnancy, just enjoy it!!

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I don't think there's much i wish i had done to be honest, i had a very laid back pregnancy-probably because i quit my part time work so had plenty of time to relax and concentrate on just being pregnant. I was told by relaxing etc i probably helped myself during the birth to stay calm and not slow things down.

So i just recomend relaxing when possible!


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I wish I had taken pics with each of my pregnancies, I usually hate having my picture taken, but I sucked it up with Hayden thinking he would be our last and I took pictures every week and I"m SOOOOO glad I did, I love looking back at them and I really wish I had done it with my other 2.

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I did just about everything fun you can do pregnant - took two trips, slept 12 hours a day, bought lovely maternity clothes, pampered myself at the salon and did the 4d ultrasound. I only wish I'd thought of doing a photo shoot, perhaps nude and B&W. I'd never loved my body like I did when I was preggers.

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