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My little munchkin is feeding all night!

My second daughter was born on Monday, my milk came in Wednesday, and for the last two nights she has fed all night and not settled at all in her moses basket. She feeds for a decent amount of time, falls asleep at the boob, we lay her down and within 5 mins she is rooting etc again- the night before last she did this for about 4 hours, but last night it was all night!
During the day she settles well in her moses basket and feeds every 2-3 hours.
HELP any tips? Even if you have been there done that and can reassure me that it does get easier? pretty please?


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My LO was just the same from day 2-5. All day feeding, non stop. Cluster feeding to build a supply. You might want to set up shop on the couch for a bit and def have someone close at hand to help with DD1.

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I'm currently going through the same thing. Im feeling quite sore and absolutely exhausted! But it is a normal growth spurt and is usually from day 2 for about 48 hours but can last an extra day.
Theres another at 7-10 days and then 2-3 weeks so not much break in between. By 6 weeks we will be over the big hump and can take it easy a bit after.

I was reminding myself about it this morning. kellymom is fab.

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Yup, what these ladies said, it's totally normal. Get yourself some DVDs and set up camp on the sofa, you just have to let her feed, she's building up your milk supply. Good luck hun and enjoy, soon you will look back and remember the time fondly!

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