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SIL is too busy trying to hold my baby, than to take care of her own. Rant.

Every Sunday my SIL comes over (uninvited) with her 2.5 year old son whom is not disiplined what so ever. She expects me and my husband to watch him and tend to him while she sits on the computer watchin youtube videos.. or does anything besides watch her son whom terrorizes my house. He isn't even potty trained and she expects us to use our wipes to change him.
Last week he was slamming doors, and gettin into stuff even though we told him not to. he threw a tantrum and she said we were out of line to tell him to stop. not to mention i had jsust got out the hospital from giving birth.
Today I had got my baby to sleep and put her in her bassinet, I told her don't hold her if she is sleep. I don't want her to get used to being held while she is asleep... because then I have to hold her at 2a.m so to leave her alone and when she woke up to eat i would let her hold her.
Well we were in the master bedroom and I went to brush my teeth and use the restroom. I come out and my baby is gone! Bassinet empty... no baby in there. I go into the living room and there is SIL holding the sleeping baby. Her son was outside unsupervised (mu husband was inside) and we have a pond in the yard. . he has fallen in the pond before because she wont watch him. I dont know why she is so interested in doing with my baby when we raised hers for the first year and a half of his life. she never held him, she never fed him., we taught him to crawl, walk, and talk. we were his parents until she decided to move out.
my oh says she thinks she is being helpful but it would be the greatest help tp me if she would watch her son and keep him out my hair that way i can take care of my own kid. its to the point where my husband has to watch her son, and i need him to be helping me
next weekend i am going to make sure and let her know we need a weekend to ourselves!

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Not the poor kids fault he will act like that if his mum dosnt pay attention to him. Not sure how you teach a child to walk and crawl but anyway, time to open your mouth. Do nothing and nothing changes, As obvious as it sounds.

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Yeah, you have to tell her something. I would say call before she comes over except that could wake DD. We have had our doorbell disconnected since we came home from the hospital.

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Is there any way your OH can knock some sense into her? To put it politely, she seems to be rather delusional as far as her son's upbringing is concerned. Your SIL is basically neglecting her son. Did she suffer PND and is resenting her son by any chance? Sounds like she tries to 'make up' for something ('using' your LO) she has missed with her own child.

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