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He just scared the bejesus out of me :(

DS was lying across OHs knee asleep when he throws up all over his face and up his nose he goes bright red and starts throwing his head around struggling to breath I didn't know what to do realistically I know he wasn't go into choke but it was scary

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Aw poor little guy I remember having a few red in the face moments with my LO when he was brand new too. It is scary and upsetting to see them like that.

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It's frightening isn't it! Rylan was sat on my knee before, projectile vomited then started choking....its the most terrifying moment of my life. I managed to dislodge the obstruction and hes now flat out in travel cot next to Me. Hes been checked at hospital.

I firmly believe all new parents should be offered a free first aid course covering things like this....I did mine through work but other people Dont get the opportunity. X

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I paid around $130 for my Infant CPR and first aid certification.... I feel a lot less confident though now that I'm a mom (I took it while still pregnant). The fear and anxiety that motherhood brings... they should do a specialty course with tips and tricks for staying calm (Its hard to compare a first aid dummy doll to your own baby too though)

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Same thing happened to my baby at 5 days old. Except she turned purple and we called 911. She ended up being fine of course but it's terrifying.

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Robyn choked on her own mucous at 1 day old, she was crying then suddenly something caught in her throat and she stopped breathing. OH was holding her at the time and he panicked, so I grabbed her, leant her forward a bit and hit her on the back and blew in her face to get her to breathe again. We were still in the hospital but in a private room so by the time we pressed the buzzer and a midwife came she was fine again.

I also have a first aid certificate through work, and I think the basics were covered in our antenatal class, but we only got 4 hours through the NHS and there was a lot to fit in, so it was literally 'if your baby chokes, slap them on the back'

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