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Maybe you will get lucky and have a good sleeper- my baby is not a good sleeper. Prior to having my LO, I was a BIG sleeper. If I did not get 9-10 hours a night, I was pretty useless. My sleep has always been sacred to me. Then came along my DD! lol For the first 3 months I slept in 1- 1 1/2 hour increments. Then I started to get 2 hour increments. Now, at 5 months, on average I get between 2 1/2 t0 3 1/2 hour increments (and I work full time). Honestly, I find that to be the HARDEST part about parenting a baby right now- it can be exhausting not getting a good nights sleep. However, on a positive note, for the most part my body has adjusted. 6 months ago, if someone told me I would be able to work full time and function on 3 hour sleep increments I would have said they are crazy- but I do it. I think our bodies just adjust to handle what we need to handle.

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There were times in the beginning where I honestly thought that I might die from lack of sleep! Haha obviously I didn't. It's really tough but you get through it and before you know it you're completely used to it. I don't sleep more than 4/5 hours at a time now and I actually wake up just before the baby it's like a mystical power! I LOVED my sleep I could happily spend 12 hours in bed before so if I can manage anyone can!!

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For me what's worse than the lack of sleep in the early days is the insomnia that I found I had / have been left with now that my girl sleeps well. She goes down at 10 and usually won't wake until 4 or 5 but I can't get to sleep myself until 130 / 2am lol

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I defintaly agree with some PP that you just learn to cope. My DD is now 8 months and has never slept through the night. She is BF and I had no choice but to co sleep so I could rest. Right now she is up CONSTANTLY but I'm a chalk it up to teething and developmental since she just keeps rolling over while sleeping and can't get comfortable.
At first YES it is hard, I broke down alot and cried since all I did when I was pregnant was sleep and all of a sudden I was getting none. It's def. harder if your bf becasue it's all on mommy. Yes you learn to cope though my body must be used to it becasue it doesn't seem to effect me that much anymore.
Just make sure when baby is napping try to nap too if your tired it will def. help. Don't worry about anything else right now like house work, laundry, dinner just focus on you and your baby. I sometimes still melt down it's a tough job but well worth it when you look at your bundle of joy.
Good luck!

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