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Flat head one side.. help?!

hey.. my lil girl is just over 8 weeks old now and she has a flat head one side.. when it first started happening the w.f said i need to try and encorouge her to put it the other way, that didnt work she always moved it back.. so i put in a little head support bit from my baby carrier, i put her head the way it needs to be but some how she still manages to get it pretty much back the other side! i dont kno what else to do?? if she carries on like this will her head stay a weird shape? or could it be something more serious? Thanks Rocky xxx

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Old Jul 23rd, 2009, 12:43 PM   2
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Glad you've asked, my son is the same and its worrying me.

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Old Jul 23rd, 2009, 12:47 PM   3
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Helena's head was flat before, then I noticed she always had her head the one way, like she physically couldn't turn her head. I took her to the doc, and he bent her neck and head every which way and somehow it fixed it and she can now turn her head.

Anyways, just keep laying your baby down so her head is facing the other way, turn it as much as possible, and give as much tummy time as possible. I left Helena on her tummy 24/7 during the day. Put her down in her crib the opposite way.

It honestly gets better on its own after they can roll over and lift their own heads.

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Old Jul 23rd, 2009, 13:57 PM   4
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when i used to take archie to osteopathy she noticed he favoured his left side and it was starting to flatten, she did some work on his neck which helped him stop favouring that side and also told me to lie him on his right side and lay on the floor showing him toys and talking to worked

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Old Jul 23rd, 2009, 13:59 PM   5
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It's where they lay on it!! Hun try and get them to sleep on otherside! X

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Old Jul 23rd, 2009, 14:02 PM   6
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Don't worry about it at all.

Harry's head is as flat as an ironing board at the back! Happens to most babies. Sorts itself out once they start sitting up more etc.

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Old Jul 23rd, 2009, 14:24 PM   7
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Oliver had a flat head and we couldn't get him to change position for love nor money! In the end we bought one of these:
Worked a treat!!

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Old Jul 23rd, 2009, 17:26 PM   8
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we had the same thing... we used a sleep postioner as we had reflux babies I would place baby on a different side each sleep time and put a toy on the side, (so I knew which side to put baby on the next sleep) it did resolve as they got older xx

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Old Jul 23rd, 2009, 21:48 PM   9
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we would roll a cloth and position it so she couldn't turn her head back to the side she favored. She's 5 months now and its still not perfectly round--but its getting there.

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Old Jul 24th, 2009, 07:57 AM   10
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emily's is flat on her left side
and has a bald patch where she rubs her
head ... im not too worried once she starts
sitting it should even itself out but
for the minute she seems happy enough

i just tried sitting her up a bit more
and a bit more tummy time ...
emily's isn't so obviously now im
trying to lay her down a bit less


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