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First Flight Tomorrow!!!

So, I'm 95% sure I'm flying over to Winnipeg (where I used to live) tomorrow, but I'm so scared!! Well, more nervous than scared!!!! The thing is, I'm a Flight Attendant, and I see people fly with their babies all the time, and I'm always giving out hints, and little pieces of advice to them when they fly, but now it's MY turn, and it's all a different story! hahaha.....

Cameron will be 3 weeks when we go (well, he turns 3 weeks on Sat, and we're gonna fly Friday), and I just feel like he's so small!!!!!!! I know they can fly as long as they're healthy, and I called my doctor and asked a nurse, and she said as long as our appointment was good (and it was), that he's fine to fly. It's under a 2 hour flight, I know to feed him on take off and landing, but I'm just SO nervous!!!

Oh, another funny thing, is that my husband is a Flight Attendant also, and I'm taking his flight! hahaha...... that will kind of make things easier on me, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has flown with their babies at such a young age??????


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nope but good luck hun x

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elijah's first flight was when he was barely 6 weeks old. he wasn't so tiny then. i was a bit apprehensive, too. i guess that's normal for moms.

fed him on take-off and landing and placed tiny cottonballs inside his ears (as advised by neighbors. ) he slept the whole flight through.

good luck and relax. if you stress, Cameron will feel it & react to it. hugs and have a safe flight!

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flight , tomorrow

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