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Old Jul 31st, 2009, 15:34 PM   11
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i know its kind of not the same but we went on hols recently to haven and we took the older kids to the evening entertainment/club we just went to the baby change to change him and massage him then gave him a bottle and he slept in his pram, the music and noise didnt seem to bother him in the least once he went to sleep

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Old Jul 31st, 2009, 16:03 PM   12
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i've got wedding tomorrow 4 till late we'll probably only stay till 10pm i'm going to take his pj's with me to put him in, i got a feeling he'll stay awake though, i think one day out of the routine wont ruin everything, if he gets too grouchy i'll make my excuses.


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Old Jul 31st, 2009, 16:10 PM   13
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I had the same situation only 3 weeks ago... and I chose to go home and skip the evening do. However, if i'd have chosen to stay, my plan was to get a room at the hotel the evening do was being held at, putting LO to bed in a travel cot in the room and then taking the monitor down to the evening do. Can't think of how else I could have worked it to be honest?

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Old Aug 1st, 2009, 10:31 AM   14
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I wouldn't be able to take Elliot, he just won't sleep in his pushchair for long and noise just wakes him up. He's a pain at the mo with sleeping anyway, so the whole idea of taking him out on an evening just stresses me out! And he's in his big car seat now, so no handy baby seat to carry around.

I'd ideally find a quiet room to get him changed/fed etc and take it from there.


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It's my DH's best friend's wedding in sept (DH is the best man!), the place is an hour and a half away and it's in the afternoon/evening so wont end untill 11 or 12. My parents have agreed to have Kathryn for the day and overnight too so we can go and not have to worry about her. And that way we wont have to deal with a tired baby at night and we wont have to leave early.

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We went to a new years party when Seth was 6 months. Loud music, party poppers etcetc and he slept the whole way through it in his car seat lol


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