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You could definitely try the crib. Theres no harm in that. But at 4 weeks old dont try any form of cio. At 4 weeks old a baby just wants cuddles and has NO understanding that they are 'supposed' to sleep xx

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Never at this age, 6 months minimum, longer the better. I started at 10 months, hut a baby that young is still new, scared and needs mommy, and needs feeding around the clock. I kept my son in bed till 10 months, but he started waking frequently and playing and hitting me while sleeping. Moved him to the crib and had to let him cry the first 2 nights

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4 week old babies need their needs met more than full grown adults who decided to have a baby need sleep.

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Agree with all the others about CIO.... But a Routine is something that you could begin to introduce...

We have a bedtime routine that we introduced from when our lg Was teeny. It isn't hard and fast and we do work around her but it gives us an idea of how our day should kind of pan out. So we do a bath, bit of baby massage followed by a feed and having cuddles until she falls asleep then we place her in her cot. Sometimes she falls asleep within minutes, sometimes it may take an hour - her pace. We also judge it on when she is due a feed... So start it about 30 mins before. For us it helps give is a little bit f structure, and also I believe it helps babies know what is coming next and wind down...

Those first few weeks/months are tough but so so precious. I wish I can relive them with my ds all over again.


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I didn't read the responses, but my sister is a social worker and in her training they told her that a baby should not be left to CIO if they are under 18 months. She just called and told me that the other day! That is 9 months longer than what I was thinking!!

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My lo is 10 weeks and I have not let him CIO yet. He's still just to young to me. He doesn't understand and know any different yet. If he's just the whining yes I will let him stay there but if he gets crying I pick him up right away!

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Yes, 4 weeks is too young to do CIO, but there's nothing wrong with CIO if it works for you and you baby when they have reached an appropriate age.

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Never, no matter what age. It raises cortisol levels which can cause brain damage apparently. I don't ever see the need for cio at any point. Especially at 4 weeks old. If you REALLY have to try it, then 6 months is the recommended time to start sleep training...

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Def too young. I am very lucky now that I have a fantastic sleeper but if I remeber back to 4 weeks I was exhausted! There didn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnell but i would never have dreamed of cio / cc t that age. Through my exhaustion I just enjoyed the cuddles with my baby and now i miss him snuggling up into me and sleeping! It will get better. I hope you are able to help your husband understand. xx

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You don't need to let your baby CIO. Your baby is way too young for any kind of sleep training. Your baby has been in the womb for 9 months, and up until now has had all needs met, never felt hungry, cold, scared or alone, and now is in this big and scary new world. All your baby wants is you. CIO can be dangerous and really shouldn't be done at this young age.

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