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Having posts moved to postnatal support

I'm not trying to start anything, honestly, but does anyone else find this irritating? I find I get a ton of advice in baby club, but when the mods move me to postnatal support I hardly get any comments. You know why? Because people go to postnatal support only when they have a specific problem that requires postnatal support - they don't go there just to help other people. So unless a woman with the exact same problem happens to come along, you're not going to get much help. Baby club applies to all women who have had babies, even those who aren't currently experiencing any problems that require postnatal support, so I personally think if someone is after the opinions of all women who have had babies, their posts should be allowed to stay in baby club.

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Forums are subject specific. Threads must be made in the relevant areas and remain on-topic.
It's the forum rules, this is why If we left all off topic posts in Baby Club no-one would frequent other areas!

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