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is this separation anxiety? I'm desperate!!!

OH and I decided to go out together on Sunday evening and leave LO (7months) with my sister who usually she absolutely loves. She ended up having a late nap that day so I asked my sister to put her to bed at 7. Everything went well for the first 15minutes and they sent me a few lovely smiley pics. Then my sister text saying LO was in a state and wouldn't stop crying when she tried putting her to bed. So OH and I went back and put her to bed ourselves and went out again.

Now... Everytime we go to my sisters I can't put her down or hand her over to anyone else. I can't even put her down and sit next to her as she'll scream which she's never done before. I haven't actually been anywhere else to test if its just my sis or if it'll happen with everyone. But also at home if I put her down and go to the kitcchen/loo or anything she whinges and may start crying.

I don't know what to do! I can't carry on like this. Its only 2days since it happened and I feel so tense/stressed already!

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I think this is the age when babies can realize that mom can go away. They've developed spatial relationships and understand that mom is far far away in the other room and panic.

I would sweeten the deal as much as I could when you go to your sister's. Toys, favorite teether, something. Don't hand LO over. Her confidence might be shattered temporarily. Get her used to being there with you. After time, try putting her down and picking her up. You get the idea.

You can also have your sis hold LO outside and walk around. Maybe desensitize her?

I dunno how helpful this is, just my thoughts. My LO had some stranger anxiety. I sat with her on my lap next to my dad, kept her busy with a toy, eventually slid her onto his lap and stayed close. That was all it took and she was fine.

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