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I forgot to put milk in bottle last night and she drunk 2 oz o water is that ok??

Hi all,

I'm feeling a bad mum this morning, i was half asleep and thought I put the milk in the bottle ( as its in a little container) and I didn't realise until she drunk 2oz of it! I no I may sound stupid but that can't harm her can it? I just feel bad as I shouldn't of been half asleep and should of been able to do somthing so simple!! Feeling bad xx

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As long as it was cooled boiled water (or your baby is a little older), then no, can't do any harm. Some people do give their baby's water. I don't personally think it's a good thing to do all the time as they really need milk for hydration, but occasionally, it's not going to do any harm. I'm surprised I've not done this yet!

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Won't do any harm at all, might have a bit of a runny poop tho!

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