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I got mine when my daughter was about 3 months old. The first time I put her in it she was asleep within minutes. Yes, you do need to master how to tie it, but once you do it's simple. It's great for when they want to be carried but you want to get housework done (she loves watching me fold clothes whilst she's in it).

We went to a carnival recently (she's 7 months old now) and she loved it, she was safe and secure, warm, and I didn't need to worry about navigating the crowds. Truth be told she fell asleep through the actual carnival

My mum used it when she had her for the day. She has a very bad back and can only carry her for a few minutes usually, but with the moby she walked around with her in it for an hour and said she couldn't believe how comfy it is.

My only negative is that yes, it is quite long so does touch the ground whilst tying it, but it's easily washed (I have to frequently wash mine as my daughter loves to suck on it!)

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Originally Posted by susannah14 View Post
Originally Posted by MindUtopia View Post
It's actually really easy. It does take some getting used to and the biggest obstacle will be your fear of not being able to do it. The first probably 4-5 times you do it you'll hate it, then it gets easy. My husband mastered it right away, though it took me until about 8 weeks to really get comfortable with it (also had a lot of BF issues so boobs were sore, I think that was the main impediment for me). But it's the BEST thing you can do with a baby. Seriously, I would have lost my mind without the moby wrap in the early days. We have a woven wrap now and an Ergo carrier (actually I think that is the most confusing one to get on!) and I rarely ever use a pushchair anymore because it's such a hassle.

Definitely get one and give it a try. It's not going to be easy the very first time you do it, but it will get a lot easier with practice. And yes, you can do it yourself. You might want to watch a lot of videos first and have someone there the first time just to help if you need it (doing it in front of a full length mirror also helps), but you'll get it quickly. If you need help, find a sling meet near you. There must be tons of them in London so have a look. I really couldn't live without my wrap.
This is great if you have the time and the inclination to get used to it, but in my mind, having a newborn is stressful enough without having to take 8 weeks just to reach a point where my carrier is usable. I'd rather have one that functions well right away, where I don't have to think about it or practice it in front of a mirror.

I'm not trying to disparage you at all, in fact I think you are a perfect example of someone who the moby DOES work for. I think it is good for some people. It just really, really frustrated me. I'm all about ease and simplicity, lol.
I really think it's just like anything else with a new baby. You have to figure out how to do it. It took 3 months before I figured out an easy way to give my daughter a bath that was pleasant for her and didn't give me back pain. It also took us 4 months to figure out what helped her go to bed easily. That's just what happens when you have a baby. But it doesn't mean you give up and don't do it if you think it could work for you and it's something you want to do. Babywearing isn't for everyone and there are definitely other options out there. A mei tai is one if you don't want something you have to wrap, but they aren't as easy with small babies who need to have their legs inside rather than hanging down. But stretchy wraps like moby are great if you want to get started. Like I said, it is a learning curve, but it didn't take me 8 weeks of regular use to figure it out. It took me maybe 4 tries over the course of about 8 weeks to get it (I had mastitis for most of those weeks so could barely even wear a bra, let alone use the wrap). But if you don't want the hassle of a pushchair or carrying a baby around all day when you need your hands free, then it's a great option. They aren't expensive, so it's at least worth a try.

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Another negative (don't get me wrong, I love the moby just wish I would've spent a little more on something else) is that I couldn't use it past 4 months. It says it goes to 35 lbs but honestly it wasn't comfortable after 4 months of age. I tried everything and even looked up tutorials, it just wasn't plausible after that

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I loved mine but there isa learning curve and it week only last 4-6 mths. I would tie mine on before going out as you just pop baby in and tighten then.
Best bet is to try one if you can!

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Hate it. Way too stretchy (and hot) even when my DD was only 2 weeks old and about 8 lbs. Ours was used only twice. I have a Babyhawk Mei tai now and it's much better.

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Thanks everyone...interesting replies, the reason I need it is because I want to be able to BF on the go and have a pushchair for DS1 if he needs it. I have friends that used them so hopefully they'll help me master it quickly! Seeing as I'm in the UK and due in December I'm guessing temperature won't be so much of an issue?

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I tried a Victoria sling lady stretchy (like a moby) and couldnt get in with it but found a woven wrap much easier.

Takes me no more time to put on then it does getting the buggy out the car and set up.

If you want some a bit more structured go for buckles. I LOVE my ergo.

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We bought something similar but that is already semi-tied up but we found that is was too stretchy and LO ended slumped at the bottom. I also found it quite uncomfortable.

We now have a Bubbasling which is great if you want to pop into the supermarket and cant be fussed with dragging the pram out of the boot. And is also a lot easier when there arent any parent and child spaces free (why are there never enough of these? i cant get the door far enough open and the car seat out in a normal space). Its really easy to get LO in and out of and was about half the price. It's also great around the house.

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I liked the Moby a lot when LO was super young and I wore her around the house. She was so comfy and snuggly in there. I didn't find it complicated to use at all. Once you put it on once you learn how to use it and it gets easy. However, I would not recommend it if you will be putting on/taking it off often in a couple of hours as it does take longer to tie than say putting baby in an Ergo. Say you get to the mall and get baby out of the car, trying to tie the Moby which gets all over the floor!!!

I really just liked it for wearing around the house and taking bebe for a walk around the neighbourhood when she was under 3 months. After that we started using the Ergo and still do.

ETA - I could not bf while wearing LO in the Moby because I have a large chest. I think bf'ing in Moby only works for small/medium breasted women.

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Truthfully, I don't like any wraps, I think they are a pain in the ass. I like my ergo. There are plenty of women who would say the opposite, so it's worth trying IMO but I never liked it.

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