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Postpartum Nausea??

I'm 2 months postpartum, and have experienced nausea for the past 3 days... the first day, I chalked it up to the drinking we did the night before. The second day, I really got paranoid, because it was the smell of cooking waffles that made me run and dry-heave.. and today, I have just been very slightly nauseated.. I hate to sound paranoid, but I am never nauseated.. I was only like this with my pregnancy. I also like the smell of raw beef again, just like last time... I reallllyyy dont want to be pregnant again.. Im on a 10 mg birth control pill, called Lo Loestrine... I had a hard pregnancy and get no help from my DH with my son, I love him, but I can't go through this again with him.. I don't know what to do...

Additional info: I have had 2 regular periods since giving birth, the last one lasted for 7 days, and didnt have clots, like I usually have... It also came 3 days early, but I assume it will be like that for a while, since I just had a baby and all.. Im terrified.. I guess what Im here to ask is, has anyone else had post partum nausea like this?

oh, and Im not breastfeeding.. thanks ladies!

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I am only 6.5 weeks pp but I cant say I have had any nausea. I reckon you will only know for sure if you take a test.

I completely understand, It is terrifying to think about being pregnant again!

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Nope, no nausea here. I would definately take a test! Wow my stomach churned while reading this post! Lol. Pregnant 2 months pp would be a disaster ( for me). I have a friend though that did experience pp nausea and she too was terrified of pregnancy but she wasn't...

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i have. I acually did take another pregnancy test because i have yet to start mine. It was negative thank goodness but i still am getting nausous. I think you should test just to put your mind at ease xx

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