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my little boo stiff leggedly "runs" now... especially when I am in quick movement mode to snatch something away she shudnt have... takes off cackling her little head off... (such a turd but soooooo cute i can't help but laugh!) within the last 2 days shes running straight to the toilet to throw whatever she has in. loves unrolling toilet paper... says dadadadada and mamamamamama and yayayayayaya (whether she is agreeing or not im not sure maybe i dont give her enough credit but i doubt it amongst other jibberish) proud to say she has peed in the potty more times than not when i sat her on it this week (although by fluke prolly did around 10.5 / 11 months)!! she'll give you high fives, kisses and boogies to music too. its just the cutest things every day. i feel so blessed (im not even religious!) and amazed and in awe everyday my OH used to watch sign language stuff with her and she will give him a kiss when he signs daddy kiss! when we're all in bed together sometimes she lay in between us and kiss OH, then kiss me, then kiss OH and back and forth.. it melts our hearts! she helps me dress and undress her too

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