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How much throwing up is normal for a newborn?

As the title says, what's normal?

My DD is 2 weeks old and for the past week has started throwing up entire feeds (we're talking, projectile vomit that keeps coming and coming...) and doing this once or twice a day (generally once in the morning and once at night). My DS rarely threw up so I'm not sure whether this is normal or not???

Thanks in advance!!

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My LO used to do this all the time. She still does now but only every week or so. It used to come out through her nose and just cover the entire room we were in.
Because it seemed so much, I filled a bottle up and threw it on the floor to see how much it was she was throwing up because it looked like entire bottles. It turns out, she was only throwing up about 2 onzes.
I stopped offering her milk afterwards because it would be a struggle giving it to her, I thought she might be throwing up because she's had too much milk and I could always give her more if she's hungry later.

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As pp said, it might be more than it looks.
Jenson used to do this after nearly every feed, turned out he was quite windy, mucousy (had been since birth) and drank fast. He'd throw up so he'd need to change clothes, I'd need to change clothes and we'd need to give the sofa a clean or change bedding. I thought he was throwing up a whole 3oz feed, but he wasn't. All I can say is on the feeds where she's throwing up, try and stop half way and wind her, then give her the rest & wind again, and try and keep her tilted up a little rather than lying down flat, we used a cushion to help our boy. Otherwise if you get worried or she starts to lose weight, ask your doctor

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Ds1 was very much like this and ds2 has done this a few times but not as bad. They had/have reflux. Effective winding will help loads (try infacol before a feed) I was always taught with a bottle to make sure the teat is full so baby isn't sucking in air. Gp may also prescribe gaviscon to mix in bottles x

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Both my sons were (are) like this. I agree it usually seems like more than it actually is, but if baby is gaining weight, having lots of poops, and doesn't seem to be in pain then it is probably nothing to worry about. My ds2 is a happy chucker. He could have several burps per feed, be smiling or very content and barf all over himself. I do a load of baby laundry per day, not to mention how much of my clothing gets slimed.

With ds2, who is now almost 3, it just stopped one day at around 6 months. I believe it has to do with the hiatal sphincter (the barrier between the stomach and esophagus) maturing. It could also be exasperated by eating more than baby's little tummy can handle, which should get bigger in a few weeks or so.

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We've had a couple of projectile moments, usually no more than twice a day and not every day. We're quite religious about burping him though which seems to help a lot.

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I've had three kids and in my experience it's not normal. The fact that you felt you had to post this thread, to me, suggests that it's regular and therefore I'd get him checked out just in case; he may have reflux or something. I was always told that a little puking is normal; puking about 1oz or so, but entire feeds on a regular basis isn't normal I don't think

Have you tried holding him upright after feeds and seeing if that helps? They say 20 mins is enough to be upright. And burp him thoroughly after each feed. Some babies are harder to wind; my unrest takes ages and often doesn't burp at all, then 30 mins later she's screaming in pain because she has wind. My second baby brought up her wind as soon as she was lifted to an upright position; so we didn't actually have to wind her at all

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It's normal to an extent , sit lo up at a 45 degree angle when feeding and keep them upright for 30mins after feeding

It can be a sign of reflux tho

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My DS spits up TONS. We have to use a receiving blanket as a burp rag. Our doctor assured us as long as he is gaining weight and not in any pain, spitting up is only a laundry issue. About 3 weeks ago it got to the point where he clearly was in pain though, so now he's on Prevacid. It has helped with the pain I believe… he is no longer fussing and crying when he eats, but he's still an erupting volcano every time he eats!

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My first DS had slight reflux & was a comfort eater. Whenever something bothered him, rather than fussing (like ds2 does), he wanted to eat. Being a first time mom, I figured since he acted hungry & would take it then he needed to be fed. He was constantly spitting up. Projectile a lot too. I now realized that I was over feeding him. I never really tried "fixing" the problems but with a bottle because it's what he seemed to want. DS2 was acting similar as a newborn but this time around I would feed him & then try everything else if he was acting hungry when he really shouldn't be & 9 times out of 10, it was something else. He never spits up. Some babies are just "spittier" than others but make sure you aren't making the same mistake as me because it's easy to do!

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