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Old Jul 22nd, 2014, 16:59 PM   1
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Does anyone miss being pregnant?

I was sooo ready to have this baby having gone to 41+3 with him. I moaned at anyone who would listen re how I wanted him out! And now he is, he is amazing and I'm so so happy. Our family is complete with our beautiful dd too.

But tonight, I just felt so sad about not being pregnant anymore. We definitely won't have any more kids, and I know I definitely don't want any more kids, but it dawned on me that there won't be any more kicks in my tummy, no more admiring having a big belly in shop windows, buying cute maternity clothes, no more excitement of scans/bfps/going on maternity leave/Mw appts. It's all over!

And I always knew it would be that way but I just feel a bit mournful that it's finally done. Does anyone else feel like that? I really enjoyed being pregnant (on the whole!) so it does feel sad that it's all over for me now - forever. And esp as I wished the last few weeks away...

I don't know why I'm posting I just wondered if anyone else ever felt like this! I am sure it's partly hormones!

Thanks for listening! X

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Old Jul 22nd, 2014, 18:06 PM   2
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Yes, I've definitely felt that, especially the first few months postpartum. When we transitioned DD from her Moses basket to crib, I almost cried when looking at that empty basket.
I also really enjoyed being pregnant. I was lucky to have an easy pregnancy and delivery; it sounds like you were too.
Now I'm sad because my OH says he doesn't want any more kids--he's "one and done." And I kind of want a second. Not just for the pregnancy part, but because I want my DD to have a sibling, and to have the experience of more than one kid.
I've kept all my maternity clothes just in case!
I've even thought about being a surrogate. I'm not kidding. But nobody would want a surrogate in her mid-thirties. I think they're all twentysomething.
Look at it this way: you had a great pregnancy experience and that is wonderful. You'll always have the memory of this special time in your life. But there's so much to look forward to with your kids getting older, too! I can't wait until my DD can walk, talk, joke around with me, when I'll really see her personality and talents, and when she's an adult and we can have real adult conversations together.

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Old Jul 22nd, 2014, 20:16 PM   3
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I feel that way
My son is such an easy going little guy if I had a million dollars I would be actively TTC right now. I loved pregnancy and even though he's only four months old.....I am sooooo broody. I live in Canada and would be an idiot not to go back to work and qualify for mat leave again......
I wish I had money to keep on making babies now.

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Old Jul 22nd, 2014, 23:06 PM   4
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I'm glad it isn't just me! Thank you for replying.

The thing is this was my second pregnancy. We have been blessed with a son and a daughter now so I do feel our family is complete. It's not that I want a third child or pregnancy, I just feel sad it's all over really.... End of an era and all that... As you say I just need to enjoy it as every stage does go so fast!!

I hope you guys both get your second babies! X

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Old Jul 23rd, 2014, 02:17 AM   5
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In a way I do.... but then I remember my swollen feet/hands, not being able to sleep and all the not very nice things.
I think you forget the bad points as I had a very easy pregnancy no sickness, no cravings.

Having said that I'm desperate to get pregnant again, but it'll be a while yet and as we went through ivf will be a bit more complicated to get there again, so when it does I'll be happy!

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Old Jul 23rd, 2014, 02:53 AM   6
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Me too! I miss my bump! Love my little girl being here though :-) x

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Old Jul 23rd, 2014, 02:58 AM   7
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I miss it too!

I do pregnancy well (labour - not so well though!!!)

We are going to wait until we are 30 to decide if we want to ttc a third which is still two years away. I change my mind almost daily. I miss all of the things that you have mentioned and would love a big family, but I am so content with the two I have I am not sure we will.

I get jealous when I see a pregnancy announcement which is crazy because I am so so lucky to have my two!

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