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Preparing for 18 month age gapů stories!?

I'd love to hear how a close age gap has worked for your family!

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There is a 13 month age gap between our first two. I'm also pregnant with #3 and there will be a 28 month age gap between my youngest and the new baby. I wouldn't change it for the world. It works so well for us. I've had two babies in nappies for the last 21 months, but I'm hoping they'll both be out of them by the time the baby arrives in June (I know DD will be as she's well on her way already but I'm gonna work on DS around easter time next year if he's ready).

My daughter was too young to be jealous when my son was born. She didn't even notice him for the first couple of weeks infact. They're almost 2 and 3 now and they're best friends. They play brilliantly together and they just adore eachother.

Night times have never really been a problem either. They have slept in the same bedroom for around 10 months now but they never seem to disrupt each others sleep. DD has been going through a rough patch sleep-wise, but DS sleeps through all her noise. Having them so close together has also helped my son to learn things super fast (in my opinion). He can sing full songs (hears his sister singing all day long) and he talks in 3/4 word sentences - something my daughter didn't do at his age. They really bring eachother along and help eachother to learn.

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We have an 11 month age gap so a bit smaller but as Amy said I would never change it!
My son is 16 months now so closer to the age gap you will have and think that might actually work even better as my son couldnt walk or feed himself (except finger foods) so id have to spoon feed him his dinner and carry him everywhere whereas now he eats his own dinner so I can feed the baby or eat my own and he walks around the house allday and can take different toys through.

The nappies really arent a big deal or is the bottles just because its double it doesnt particularly feel like dounle the work.
Hard parts for me are physically getting around, iv a double pram the size of a bus so all them little cafes and cute shops we used to pop into are a complete no no now. Getting them both out of the house is hard as I have to carry them both down 2 floors. I no once my son can be trusted to walk more this will become a little easier.i felt massive guilt for my son the first month though , he hadnt even had his first birthday and he already had to share me so be prepared for that, I didnt expect that at all.

things that made it easier
toddlers group
lowering my cleaning standards!!!

You will be fine, its good fun once your used to it!

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You'll be grand! My 2 are 17 months apart and i worried about what it would be like, but I genuinely love it. Yes, it has it's hard days, but I much prefer having 2 babies to having 1.

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I am five weeks in with an 18 month gap. I thought it would be mega difficult but it's been surprisingly ok. I'm so much more relaxed and in the know with a newborn second time around which helps. The only thing I will say is Im more aware of having a little safe zone for my new daughter so that if my son is having a silly moment or wants to be a bit heavy handed she can easily be put out the way safely for however many minutes needed. It's nothing crazy she just goes on the other side of a baby gate (between living room and kitchen) into her basket. I can still fully see and hear her but my son can't charge into her etc. I miss being able to put her on playmats and in bouncy chairs in the day (my own choice, I'm worried my son will run or fall on her or wobble her chair over in a relatively small room etc) but she gets these things early evening when he had gone to bed and had her own undevided attention. Nappy situation hasn't bothered me either.

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I have a 13 month gap between my youngest dds. Dd3 is only just about 3 weeks so im still adjusting! So far, it hasnt been too bad. Im a single parent and their dad comes maybe 5 days a week but only for a couple of hours weekdays as he works. So basically, I do it all myself. Its tough, I wont lie, but nowhere near as bad as I thought!
Dd2 is 14mths now and is a handful. She is on the go constantly and im forever having to pull herr off things with one arm whilst holding the baby in the other (side table, dining table/chairs, couch etc...
Apart from not being able to relax, ever... its not too bad!

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I have an 18 month age gap, first 4 weeks were brilliant because my ds slept all the time so I didnt feel anything had changed except the having to get 2 kids and myself ready if I just needed to go to the shop lol you do get used to that though! I started to really struggle around month 3 as my ds turned into an awful sleeper waking 20 times a night so I was forever shattered and must say didn't enjoy having them so close in age during this time. now ds is older though and moving around him and my dd are best friends (they do fight aswell occasionally ) 98% of the time I absolutely adore having a close age gap. its only frustrating when my dd is playing nicely and my ds throws himself in the middle and ruins her game because that's when the fights and tears start!

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