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Recommended reading parenting/ behaviour books?

I like to have a book to tell me what to do. Even if i then ignore it, the security of having a book makes me feel better. Needless to say i have a few on baby care, pregnancy etc.

Our 10 month old is a calm, cheerful, lovely little lady. She has this week started to crawl, cruise and totally refuses to be spoon fed (aargh!) all at once. All this extra independence is leading to some frustration when she is stopped from banging on the windows, poking the oven door etc. lots of arching back, red faced screaming and fist clenching which is fairly new for her.

I stay calm, distract rather than punish, don't overuse the word no. I'd love some good tips though.

What are the parenting theories out there at the moment?

I know what kind of secondary teacher i am and how i respond to poor behaviour in my classroom but a lot of my practice is based on research and personal reflection. I would love to read some different ideas on the language i should use with babies, the techniques for reducing frustration etc.

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I think the Dr. Sears Good Behaviour Book is really excellent. Honestly though, a lot of it is just listening to your intuition and trying out what you think works to see if it does and then trying something else if it doesn't.

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May help when slightly older - how to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk. Also I like the ahaparenting site.

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ToddlerCalm by Sarah Ockwell-Smith is amazing. It really helps you see the world from their point of view

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I like
How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk
The Whole-Brain Child

And there are some good essays in NurtureShock

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