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How do you swaddle?

Will you guys share pics of your swaddle?

I usually swaddle arms out but tonight im trying arms in. Anytime i change something though i question if he might get too hot.

Tonight i have him in a fleece sleeper, i did NOT put a onesie underneath, and swaddled arms in in a muslin. We keep our house at 19 celsius (66f) . Do you think this is ok?

What do you guys put underneath your swaddles and what temp do you keep your room at?

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We're huge fans of swaddling our twin boys. They just sleep so much better in them. We use SwaddleMe's because they're the only kind they can't get out of. The Velcro is really strong and the babies are not quite big enough to bust out of it yet. We always swaddle with arms in, and we try to keep their room at 70 degrees. They usually have a thin cotton footie on underneath and that seems to work well for them. The only photo I have of them in swaddles is on the link below. If you scroll towards the bottom you will see them in swaddles in their Mamaroo's. Good luck, mama!

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Number one tip I think is to make sure all bub's clothing & bedding is cotton or bamboo. Synthetic fibres will make Bub sweat especially if swaddled over the top. I dress Bub in a cotton singlet suit that snaps at the crotch (hate singlets riding up) and long sleeve/leg onesie. I use bamboo cellular blankets in the cot. Room temp 20 degrees celcius.

I love Double wraps by Baby Origami and Little Fraser wraps. All mine have loved being swaddled & slept really well.

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Old Oct 22nd, 2015, 00:56 AM   4
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Do you mean fleece as in polar fleece, meaning the synthetic stuff? If so, put him in cotton or another natural fibre like merino wool. Synthetic fibres don't breathe and your baby might sweat, as PP mentioned.

Two layers of cotton and a swaddle at 19 degrees should be fine. Check temperature by feeling his chest, not his hands or feet. It's okay for hands and feet to feel cooler - as long as their chest is warm.

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Old Oct 23rd, 2015, 00:19 AM   5
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I only tried swaddling Violet a couple times and didn't bother with Leo.

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Old Oct 23rd, 2015, 05:30 AM   6
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I swaddle arms in with Halo Sleepsacks. They Velcro and my house is warm enough (75 degree f) that she doesn't need to wear anything under it. It is a dress with wings pretty much. They come In cotton and fleece.

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Old Oct 25th, 2015, 14:12 PM   7
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Ds loved being swaddled! He would be in a long sleeve vest (different words in uk, not sure what you call them) a cotton baby grow (that covers feet) and either a thin blanket, a Velcro swaddle type thing. I'd layer a cellular blanket if he felt cold but he's like me and is always pretty warm, we botjh prefer the temp a little colder!

Edit, I never put him in fleece, he'd sweat like crazy it!

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Old Nov 2nd, 2015, 14:02 PM   8
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I swaddles with arms in. I don't know about temps as I personally just made sure baby wasn't dressed too heavily and wasn't too warm to touch, probably not the best way but we keep the house relatively cool.

anyway, I swaddled with arms in. stopped swaddling cold turkey at 2 months with dd, ds needed to be swaddled to sleep for 2-3 more weeks than his sister did at the same age.

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I have tried all the Swaddles but she refused to sleep. Only after using Zen Swaddle she could sleep better in just 2-3 days of usage. Now, even I can sleep peacefully.

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