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Staring at lights - will he damage his eyes?

Earl is obsessed with lights. He will stare incessently at lamps, ceiling lights, street lights, anything really!

My question is this...will this damage his eyes?

He's laid on his playmat at the moment and rather than the brightly coloured noisy toys, he's staring past them at the three-way light on the ceiling. If I turn them off, he turns straight to the lamp in the corner, OR continues to stare at the light fittings and screams (not crying...just shouting for them to be back on! lol)

I don't want him to damage his eyes so should I stop him?

I'm looking forward to putting up the christmas tree though...I know he'll love the fairy lights!!

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I think all babies do this. It is all they can see at that age, so it fascinates them. They will do it less and less as they see other things better. I have never heard of it damaging eyes.

Obviously, I wouldn't let him stare into the sun or put him within a foot or less of bright lights to stare at. But from across the room, it won't hurt IMO.

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I am sure its fine, my LO does it all the time, she adores all the christmas lights! And when i go in shops i put the hood down on her pram, the lights in the shop always entertains her for a while!

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My Lo was the same at that age and am sure its fine... they just find it fasinating!

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I am sure its fine hunni,my LO did the same and still does lol!!He loved the tree and cant keep his eyes off it!x

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