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Swaddle transition

We use a Halo sleep sack swaddle but we want to transition LO out of it because she wiggles her arms out of it every night. She is 14 weeks. She sleeps just fine with her arms out. But the problem is getting her to sleep in the first place. IF she has her arms free, she wiggles around like a maniac and keeps herself awake. She also needs a paci to fall asleep, and when her arms are out, she constantly knocks it out of her mouth. Any tips/tricks/ideas here?

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There are some awesome swaddle transition products. Our boys like the zip a dee zips which allow their hands to move and find the pacifier, but it limits their range of motion so that they can't startle as easily. The Magic Merlin Sleepsuit is a popular one too that lots of my friends love.

As for the pacifier, once we gave them Wubbanubs they were able to much more easily find them in the middle of the night...aka, we didn't have to wake up to fetch them!

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I moved mines from a swaddle blanket into a sleeping bag with the arm holes pinned with nappy pins. It took a couple of nights for her to get used to it and I let one arm out at a time but she still had the sleeping bag stopping her arms going everywhere and waking her up!

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Get rid of the pacifier and opt-in for a Swaddle that calms your baby until she doesn't develop the sleep routine by herself. Maybe this is not the right time for the transition. In my opinion, you would need to do some more research on the right type of Swaddle required for more 3-4 weeks.

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