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Moaning, groaning, whining ALL DAY. Experiences?

Is anybody else's baby like this?

He's done it off and on since his was born, but in the first 7 months this could be put down to severe reflux and pain issues.

Now he's fully medicated and doctors assure us he is no longer in chronic pain. He does get flare ups if we accidentally give a trigger food but mostly he's a very healthy 11-month-old.

Yet a lot of the time (and some days all of the time he's awake) he's still making this horrendous noise that just cuts right through me. Hnnrruugghhhhh! Ughhhhhh! He shouts with it and it's not constipation as he's regular! It's just complaining.

It was really bad before he learnt to move independently but now he can cruise and he's even started crawling, so that's no longer the issue. It did improve for a week or so after this but now it's worse than ever.

He does have teeth coming through but he's had times when others have been coming and he's been really happy. We're also giving Calpol and Bonjela for it.

He gets plenty of one-to-one time (I'm with him all day) and plenty of independent time. He has friends, toys, the garden. We go out a lot. The only time he stops making the noise on the worst days is when I've reached the end of my rope and put Peppa Pig on. Or sometimes if I take him out in the pram to watch cars, but not for long.

Please tell me I'm not the only one. He can be such a lovely giggly funny boy and he gets so much love but he's still not happy a lot of the time and I'm just drained from it.

The other day we were at a 1-year-old's party and it was full of babies his age all just occupying themselves, babbling, crawling around etc, but Zach just sat there making the noise really loudly, angrily throwing the toys away etc and people were looking!

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My son was also like this. Some days he still is haha...I hope it stops by the time he's 18 :-/

Seriously though, I know it's annoying as he'll. It seems to ease up as they get more mobile and can walk and talk etc.

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My 7 month old makes this hooting whiney whingey noise that drives me absolutely insane. Some days he seems to do it day long long but I find if we go out he's a bit better but can still be a major fuss pot. I feel he's bored but I can't imagine how as he has me 24/7 on a string! He is a lot better if his siblings are home or even daddy he barely whinges for. It's very taxing!

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My 9 month old is just like this! Constantly whining until I hold her. And then she doesn't stop moving for 2 seconds so I can't really hold her and out her down so she can move as she's trying to and it starts all over. Only saving grace is work! The other kids occupy her where I can get a couple minutes of peace!

It was better for about a week when she started crawling, but it's back now.

She also had nasty reflux issues and mspi issues when she was younger and I was hoping when that got under control so would the fussiness, but alas....nope

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My wee one is 7 months and spends a lot of the day whining. She isn't actually crying (I should know, we get lots of crying too!) its more a "eeeeeeeeeeee" sound. She isn't content by herself at all really, and you really need to work to get her to smile or laugh. She's the most serious baby I have ever met. Its embarrassing when we are out and people try to make her laugh and she just scowls at them and sometimes even bats them away with her hand. She's also quite violent and deliberately smacks and kicks, even if she doesn't understand the concept of causing others pain she definitely knows it gets a reaction. She is getting better now that she is more self sufficient though.

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My son does this constsntly , so much so I took him to the HV. I got so frustrated with him as the noise grates on my nerves I had to confess I just though of tipping his highchair over with him in it. Ridiculous I know, and I'd never do it but still! He is still on medication for his reflux and when advised to start reducing it by the GP he got worse. No advice but you are not alone! Sometimes feel like I'm back in newborn days and he's 8 months old! Xx

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My son was like this for the first 3 months of his life !!!
we tried everything in our power to get him to stop moaning, crying but he just wouldn't.
we changed his milk 3 times under the orders of our doctors, he was even admitted into hospital for tests because nobody could work out what was wrong with him.
One day he woke up from his nap and it like a different baby had be given to us, he just sort of out grew it (sounds silly i know)
he's now 10 months old and is the happiest, funniest little man ever. All he does all day is laugh and smile.
It will get easier, doesn't seem like it now i know but it will

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Ladies -
I know this post is very old, but I am experiencing the same thing with my 8 month old. It's been going on for months now and driving me out of my mind! Please tell me there is an end in sight and that this moaning and groaning all day resolved for you?? When?? Help!!!

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