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Scientifically they don't really work. They claim there's an oil that is released from the rocks at body temperature and absorbed by our skin, but truth be told body temperature is too cool to actually make the oil release out of them. I admit though they look pretty neat and I wouldn't mind having my daughter wear one just for looks. Good ol' teething toys help and whipping out the bonjela.

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I've heard great things about them from moms who have used them, even though a few articles online say they've been scientifically debunked. However, I don't really see the harm in trying one. I would just make sure that you don't let your son/daughter sleep in them.

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Old Jun 19th, 2017, 20:30 PM   13
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My best friend swears by then. She used them with both of her kids. So when my son was teething, I bought him one. It didn't seem to help him and he eventually pulled it off his neck and broke it.

If you want to try one you could put it around her ankle.

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I wouldn't use one unless I was desperate.
Both my girls were OK teethers. We just gave them bits of baguette (with the crust) to help the teeth break through quicker.

I did try one on DD2 but honestly it really didn't make much difference.

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