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Stomach Virus

My 8 month EBF baby is sick with a stomach virus. He started vomiting this morning, and then got stinky diarrhea this afternoon. I talked to a nurse who said to wait and see if he could hold things down, and if he was still vomiting tonight to call. Well, he nursed for 5 minutes and held it down. 3 hours later I nursed him and he vomited it back up, along with diarrhea. Other than being a little cranky, he's playing and happy. I think he's hungry, but I'm hesitant to really nurse him. Ideas?

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When my LO had a stomach virus and was breastfed I was always advised to feed through it as normal. Breast milk is the best thing for them.expect him to bring some up after but feed as and when he wants it.

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My LO had a very bad stomach virus at 4 months old . Ended up projectile vomiting EVERYHTING up immediately after taking it in . Ended up in hospital but was discharged same day with advice of feed on demand ( she is EBF) even if it all comes back up she will keep some down . If no wet nappies within a 12 hour period bring her back in. Try ensure she takes more in than expels in a 12 hour period , and offer dioralite in a syringe / spoon 10mls every 15 mins to keep her hydrated . I was also told after alone is useless , they need something with sugar and electrolytes in it . It was awful experience , quite scary until I had the right information . She bounced back after a day or two . The poo incidences lasted a week or so

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Breastmilk is excellent for sickness and diarrhoea as it is a complete food as well as containing water, so it kinda is a rehydration solution! Keep feeding on demand. A happy playing baby isn't seriously dehydrated and if one feed stays down, even if the next comes up, he has had something. Little and often is easier on the tummy than big feeds widely spaced, plus it's less of a worry if it comes back up if it was just one of many regular little feeds.

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Dehydration is a concern whenever a baby is losing fluid, whether it's through vomiting, diarrhea or a fever.

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Well at 9 months, I would advise to continue BF as normal as you were directed. But don't be surprised if it comes back up, a lot.

I thought the same thing, it was a complete food, good hydration, etc. My LOs (both still BF, 18 months at 3.5yr) had TWO stomach viruses this fall/winter. For some reason, breastmilk makes them puke. I thought it was coincidence with the first virus, but saw a definite pattern with the second. I even asked the doctor about it. He said it is quite rich on the stomach, that it is good food and good hydration, but it is rich and can cause vomiting. In my kids, it did.

This resulted in a LOT of vomiting in the bed, which is a disaster as we still cosleep. DS only nurses at night, and I didn't figure out that nursing caused it with the first one. DD nurses all day but I would only let her nurse a wee bit during the day (5 min or less at once) to space it out, but at night it's harder to cut her off without waking her up. Well she puked at night, a lot.

Of course, we ended up having to take DD to the dr and he gave her zofran as she was getting lethargic after days of puking everything up. The diarrhea went on for a while too.

Hope your LO doesn't get hit as hard and gets over it quickly!

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Hi. My DD is 3 months old and I am breastfeeding her. She often gets the stomach flu. I didnít give her any solid food till now. I only breastfeed her. Yesterday I ate seafood and she is suffering from stomach flu. Has anyone experienced such issues? I have noticed that she is having issues while I take seafood. I am also considering a smile makeover procedure in Oakville and I am worried if it causes any side effects to my baby (since I am breastfeeding her)?

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