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When did you move your LO to their own room?

Hi, I know the official guidance is keep them in a cot in your room until at least six months (ideally a year). I am curious as to when you actually moved your LO and if it helped them sleep better. My first daughter was 7 months and she started sleeping through almost immediately after she went into her own room. My baby is 5 months next week and I am considering moving her soon to see if it reduces her wake ups during the night.

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6 months with my first, it made absolutely no difference to her sleep.

Will be moving my lb next week now he's 6 months but he sleeps much better close to me so it'll probably get worse for a bit or we'll partially co-sleep if it gets really bad. He'll be sharing a room with my toddler so I can't afford to have them both awake.

I chose 6 months to fit with SIDS guidelines and because practically they outgrew the crib

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I moved my son out at 9 months when he outgrew his crib.

I missed him so much! We will do the same with our daughter. Once she needs her big cot Shen will go into her own rooom. I willl be so sad!

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My oldest started trying to climb out of his bassinet at 4 months, so we moved him to the nursery in a crib. My next 2 babies roomed in until 6 months. My fourth coslept until 8-9 months when we moved him. My older 2 slept better in their own rooms. My third was unaffected. My fourth slept worse and wanted to continue to cosleep, but I am pregnant and sleep too deeply now, so he had to go for his safety.

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We moved DD into her own room at 4 months, so a little earlier than guidelines. However, no one was getting any sleep as we kept waking her up - plus, we had the baby monitor with the breathing sensor pad x

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9 months as her nursery wasn't ready, but from about 7months we sometimes slept in the spare room so as not to wake her up. It depended on how unsettled she had been during the evening. Made no difference to her sleep whatever we tried really.

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Moved her to her own room between 4.5/5 months! She got too big for her swinging crib that was at the side of the bed and my curtains in my room aren't blackout curtains so she was waking super early because of how bright it was. She already slept through the night but it made a hell of a difference to my sleep because every time she moved when she was next to me, woke me up! Which I don't mind if she was awake but it was if her hand moved- she's a wriggly baby it also stopped the early morning wake ups, the first night in her cot she woke up really late!

She's next door and had the monitor on loud! It made me a bit sad to move her when she was still so little but I definitely wouldn't change it now!

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6 months with my first and 7 ish with the others, they were a bit more needy!

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My daughter moved to her own room at 3 months, but I slept in her room with her until she was about 5 months. The only reason we moved her so early was because my OH was sick and we didn't want baby to catch it, then once he was well again baby refused to sleep in the Moses basket in our room so she stayed in her crib. Once she was 5 months old I would sleep in my own room (right across the hall) until her first wake up for a feed, then I'd stay the rest of the night in her room with her. I started sleeping the whole night in my own bed when she was about 6 months old and would just get up to feed her then go back to my own bed.

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Ds was in his own room from the second night after he was born. Dh used to start work at 3am n work all hours. He drives a van so its very important he gets his sleep as could be a danger otherwise.

We had a video monitor so could see ds and had volume on max. We were happy with it and ds has always slept in his own room and learnt to self settle from very early on.
We have decided to try and have this baby in with us for couple of months as dh has better working hours now and worry and dd waking ds. But i will still take her in her room durring the night to feed/change her and bring her back to our room to sleep again. Will see how it goes

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